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Digital Move

DigitalMove is a centralised digital platform for everyone involved in the conveyancing process to communicate and collaborate.

Whether a property is being sold, purchased or remortgaged, DigitalMove can help speed things up and improve communication between customers, conveyancers and everyone else involved in the process.

The main benefits of DigitalMove

Improves communication and transparency

A common complaint of home movers is that communication with conveyancers and other stakeholders is poor, leaving them stressed and confused. DigitalMove facilitates direct and secure communication between home movers and conveyancers, while providing real-time progress updates.

Minimises the risk of fraud

Fraud causes heartache and misery for too many home movers. Our platform removes the need for email communication between stakeholders, meaning there are fewer opportunities for fraudsters to strike.

Enables digital document signing and ID verification

No more wasted time sitting in your conveyancer’s office to verify your identity or sign reams of printed documentation. Using DigitalMove, you’re able to sign documents digitally on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone from the comfort of your own home, or when out and about.

Starts the home moving process immediately

Home movers who don’t use DigitalMove can expect to wait days before receiving and completing their initial documentation. DigitalMove makes Starter Packs immediately available and enables home movers to complete this task in less than 30 minutes.


Read more at www.digitalmove.co.uk